Our Commitment

We are committed to selecting only the best materials and sourcing from transparent and trusted suppliers, while looking for ways to reduce our carbon emissions. 

We believe that lessening our impact is good, but we are also focused on contributing to a new business model that reinvests in organizations, nonprofits, and individuals who are committed to preserving our environment. 

better sustainable materials natural recycled


Our materials are chosen very carefully and sourced only from the most reputable suppliers.
We choose materials based on their environmental footprint and select only the most responsible fabric available.

This means natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable, and low-impact textiles only.

However, we won’t stop here. We are continuously sourcing for new materials that are better for you and better for the environment.

transparent ethical factories workers


Our supply chain is very important to us, and our factories are no exception.

We choose to work with factories that hold true to our values, provide ethical and sustainable working conditions, and are investing in strategies to combat their own environmental emissions.

Our factories are the best in the world, and we look forward to continuing our partnerships as well as giving back to these workers who make our product dreams into reality. 

giving back environmental land


We are striving to improve our social and environmental impact by reinvesting our profits across a variety of organizations working to safeguard people and the planet.

The future of fashion relies on people.

The people who make our clothes, the artisan mills who develop the safe and luxurious materials used for our products, and countless others who make an impact in our process.

We are working to be positive change agents by developing new supply chains that provide engaging jobs and foster the growth and education of employees.

We are also are driven by the commitment to support our planet.

We are working towards becoming carbon neutral and are partnering with nonprofits who are finding solutions to protect our planet.